You know you should be investing in real estate. You just don't have the time.

I'm Ryan Brown

Real Estate Agent, Investor, renovator, and all-around enthusiast 

My wife's grandfather encouraged us to enter into the real estate investing world. We started with a $10,000 - 2 bedroom house that I did all the rehab work myself. Since, we have sold over $15,000,000 of investment properties. We worked hand in hand on both turn-key rentals and intensive value add opportunities.

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Get To Know Ryan Brown Better

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Then we found real estate syndications....

passive investment opportunities

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The Start Of It All

I didn't begin my journey learning to raise capital. Syndications presented the solution that I spent the past 8 years driving towards. As a real estate agent I focused on investing. My history of solving problems for my investors gives me a strategic advantage. Syndications emerged as the perfect product to present to my investors.

Ready To Get Started Here Today And Achieve This Amazing Thing?

Lead with Value, top call to action.

Create Passive income

Make your Money work for YOU!

Real Estate is the best place to put your money. Unfortunately, there is nothing passive about investing in real estate. Hiring a property manager won't make your investment passive. You still need to find deals, underwrite deals, and manage your property manager. If you still have time, learn about different asset classes to diversify your portfolio. Work with us to enjoy all the tax and cash flow benefits of real estate in a passive manner. 

The Full Story

Since my first $10k house, I have been singing the praises of real estate investing to anyone who will listen. My passion has always been working with investors.
For many of the people I would talk to, TIME was the biggest killer of real estate dreams. Often, if you have the income to invest in real estate, you lack the time to focus on growing a real estate portfolio.
As I continued, I worked to create a more and more comprehensive experience for my investors.
I found syndication through 506 Reg D offerings, and Beechmont Equities was born.

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Chad Wesley Smith, CA

"I've known Ryan for over 10 years and worked with him to invest in Louisville for the last several. He has always proved to be a hard worker who demonstrates creativity in his projects and integrity in his business dealings. Highly recommended!

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"My wife and I are out of state real state investors from the West Coast. Ryan is the best! He has a wealth of real estate expertise and an intimate knowledge of the Louisville market. He has provided five star level, concierge services, from A to Z. He’s helped us find properties, get them inspected and appraised, identified repairs or opportunities to improve value, handled construction and remodels, and much much more. Ryan has helped us purchase 5 great rental properties in the last 12 months. We intend to purchase multiple properties with Ryan’s help next year, and the next, and the next!"

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David Klemenz, KY

"I have worked with Ryan on several different real estate projects over the last few years. Ryan is professional and truly cares about his clients. He is attentive, involved and informed about his job, and is easy to understand. I would highly recommend Ryan Brown to anyone who is interested in real estate, either for themselves or as an investor.

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  • ​Item One: I'm looking for passive cash flow
  • ​Item Two: I don't have the time to vet management companies, interview contractors, or spend hours on all the deals that don't actually make the cut.
  • ​Item Three: I want to build a portfolio of hard, recession proof assets to fund my (EARLY) retirement.

You are not alone! In fact, you are the exact client that we are built for.

Real Estate Investing doesn't have to be hard.

Beechmont Equities

  • ​Number one: Get on our email list
  • Number two: Get notified when we have investment opportunities
  • Number three: Select the investment opportunities that fit your goals
  • Number Four: Mailbox money

Build your wealth through real estate investing.


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